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Ensuring access

We passionately believe that music should be for everyone.  Our lessons start from just £3, allowing families of all budgets and backgrounds to access our service.  We use innovative technologies so that pupils of all physical and mental abilities can learn and perform on a level playing field.  Our Alternative Curriculum for instrumental teaching is helping pupils who struggle in a normal academic environment to harness their enthusiasm and uncover their talents.

LTPL designed a scheme of work for the new national curriculum, called Play.  Our teachers use it to deliver high quality classroom sessions, developing practical skills and theoretical knowledge through performance.  Children progress on several instruments through their primary school life, giving every child a real opportunity to fall in love with music.


"We learn lots of fun stuff.  I knew I was going to love it."

               - Aidan, 4




Leading the way

LTPL offer an incredible package of experiences, events and workshops to complement our core services.  Pupils take part in two live shows each academic year.  The first is a formal show in a local theatre, with children playing solos or in small groups.  The second is a music festival, with pupils forming into bands with children from other schools.  Both have an incredibly positive impact on pupil confidence, self-belief and attainment.  

We work with local institutions, promoting culture and encouraging the use of arts facilities by introducing children to them from a very young age.  In addition, we set up and run our own research projects, using the data our work generates to improve our service and to tackle the underlying problems facing education today.

"I thought the concert was totally fantastic.  It was so nice to see all of the children playing and enjoying themselves.  Leah really enjoys keyboard lessons.  They have given her a lot more confidence as she is a very quiet, shy girl normally."

            - Debbie Cullen, mother of Leah, 6


Building Partnerships

LTPL work in partnership with ‘Accent’ Music Education Hub. The hub has been awarded Arts Council funding to ensure that every child in both Warrington and Halton between the age of five and 18 has access to high quality music education through the provision of Whole Class, Small Group or Individual tuition. They also ensure that students have opportunities to play in ensembles, perform regularly and have access to other high profile, large-scale events and concerts. Progression routes for children provided by ‘Accent’ are available and affordable. The hub is comitted to providing high quality CPD for their staff and for music educators working in schools. LTPL and ‘Accent’ Music Education Hub are working together to ensure that the breadth and depth of music education provision across the area continues to grow and expand.

Independent and proud 

Learn To Play Live has been forging a new path from the very beginning.  We saw music tuition in schools as a hit and miss affair, with many children missing out completely on opportunities to play instruments either in or outside the classroom.  We felt there was a better way, with more chances for pupils to get involved, and a drive for excellence in all areas of service.  LTPL listens to its pupils, their families, and the opinions of our host schools.  Our service has been designed with them in mind, and is better because of it.  We exist to inspire passion for the subject, and being independent has allowed us to pursue that goal in new and exciting ways.


"I have been so impressed with Learn To Play Live's enthusiasm for helping pupils to develop their musical skills.  The children love the tutors: they are extremely talented, creative and original... I cannot recommend them enough!"

                    - Angela Grace, Headteacher

Raising standards

LTPL was created to deliver the best music tuition possible.  To help us to fulfil this goal, we designed a brand new modular system for instrumental tuition, allowing lessons to be tailored to the exact needs of each pupil.  Weekly progress reports are sent home after every instrumental lesson, with clear targets promoting high achievement.

Our classroom teachers expect great things, and school management is often amazed at the quality of work produced by our talented pupils.  We use a specially designed levelling system, allowing teachers and managers to see just how quickly their pupils are progressing.

All of our tutors and teachers go through rigorous training before starting with us.  Unlike many other music services they are regularly observed and have strict requirements for continuous professional development.  We go the extra mile to ensure that our educators receive the support they need to deliver the highest quality teaching.

"LTPL have delivered a series of fun and exciting music lessons to my year three class.  All of the children are engaged throughout and are eager to contribute due to the teacher's positive approach."

               - Natalie Sheeran, Teacher


Putting something back

Learn To Play Live has a growing role in the communities we serve.  We believe that a music service should do more than deliver lessons during school hours.  We try to help in any way we can to make life better for everyone.

LTPL tutors work with youth groups, council support workers and the prison service to promote respect, self-belief and empathy through group music projects.  It is built into our company ethos that all of our tutors must be regularly involved in community outreach or charitable work.

We also want to help others around us who are trying to do good in the community.  Our live events give promotional opportunities to local businesses and raise revenue and awareness for charitable projects in the area.

"The choice of music for me to play, helpful tips and second-to-none enthusiasm make lessons and playing an instrument a joy!  I've learned how to approach exams, as well as gigging techniques, improvisation and performance composure.  I am now better than I ever thought I would be, and the majority of this is down to the phenomenal teaching."

                      - Harry, 14


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