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Bring Music to Your School

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Music is a vital part of education and especially cultural development.  Our aim is to create incredible musical experiences in schools, that build confidence and promote excellence in pupils.  We want to build an atmosphere of positivity around a subject that is often maligned or under-represented.  On this page you can read in more detail about our approach, how it links with the national curriculum, and how easy it can be for your school to get involved.  If you are a parent or guardian, you may find the information that follows a little heavy with educational jargon.  We need to make sure school staff know just how brilliant our service is, so we apologise if we get a bit carried away talking shop - if it all gets too much for you and you can't find the information you're looking for, just get in touch.


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Play: A Practical Scheme of Work for Music

All of our teaching is built around our Scheme of Work, called play.  We teach whole classes, after-school clubs, large and small ensembles, group lessons and individuals; these are not treated as separate tasks but are parts of a complete whole.  Everything links together in one master plan to create the next generation of musicians.

It makes our pupils more rounded musicians, and means they don't repeat things unnecessarily, so progress is rapid and built on firm foundations.  Schools understand more about what children are learning in our sessions.  In addition, we hope it makes it easier for pupils to track their progress and understand not just what we're studying but also why we're doing it.

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Like what you hear?  Why not

to bring music to your school

The Traditional Role of Music in Schools

Some of us have fond memories of music in schools - for others it is a source of constant regret that they did not get involved.  At Learn To Play Live we like to think that we tick all of the boxes that traditional music lessons offered, but with a lot more besides.  Our instrumental sessions take place during the school day, and our scheme of work links with graded exams.  LTPL tutors instil their pupils with a drive for excellence, and a passion for great music.  Children can begin their journey with us from age two, if the school has an affiliated nursery/pre-school.  A plethora of exciting, confidence-building, brain-developing experiences and events take pupils through their entire school career.

Students are encouraged to have fun, and build musicianship skills through performance.  Our ethos is to get pupils playing live, with several high-profile shows throughout the year.

Our tuition is designed to be accessible to as many pupils as possible.  Ensemble music sessions start from £3 per week.  Our Alternative Curriculum allows those who struggle in conventional learning environments to thrive through tailor-made tuition.  We use cutting-edge technology so that those with specific physical requirements or motor difficulties can perform alongside other more traditional instrumental players on an equal footing. All of these lessons are parent/guardian-funded, but are sometimes subsidised using pupil premium.

You can read in more detail about the incredible array of options we offer by clicking here.

Learn To Play Live tutors also run choirs, brass bands, orchestras and other large ensembles.  We customise our approach to each school we work in, allowing us to meet the needs of the local community and enhance the learning experience of our pupils.

The schools that gain the most from our presence are those that also bring our teachers into the classroom.  We offer a range of models to bring music tuition to the highest possible standard across the school.

Music Curriculum Support

Play is most of all a vibrant and practical scheme of work for the classroom, designed to be delivered by our specialists.  All Learn To Play Live teachers have been through a rigorous selection process and in-depth training, with half-termly observations and CPD requirements to ensure that standards remain high.  Every one is a passionate educator and a professional musician, performing at the forefront of the music scene.  We have specialists from every imaginable genre, and encourage cross-pollination of ideas and spreading good practice.  This combination means that pupils benefit from truly expert tuition and infectious enthusiasm.

We used the advent of a new music curriculum in September 2014 as an excuse to custom-build an innovative, school-wide approach from the ground up.  All of the materials used for planning and assessment were specially designed to encourage fun and exciting lessons, with a focus on real performance skills and essential theoretical knowledge.

Our classroom sessions can be run with the teacher present to up-skill staff, or as an affordable way to cover PPA time.  We want all classroom staff to feel included in the process, and offer a complete package of CPD and supporting materials to allow our sessions to integrate into the wider curriculum. 

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