Making Recordings with LTPL

At LTPL we try to use technology to help us do our jobs more successfully.  As such we create recordings on a regular basis with our students. 

Recording students simulates the pressure that modern musicians have to deal with every day, building confidence and pushing limits.  It allows us to keep a record of progress, so that pupils can reflect upon their own performance.  We sometimes use video rather than audio recordings so that we can talk about technique, and actually show pupils the way to improve.  It also means that we can accurately moderate how our tutors assess their pupils, to make sure that everybody is consistent.

We take safeguarding seriously, so all recordings are taken on LTPL devices, which are password protected and synced only to our central server so that only authorised personnel are able to access them.  They are stored centrally on our encrypted server, and used only with the pupils concerned or for moderation/assessment purposes.  Tutors are all DBS checked and receive regular safeguarding training, and will always ask the permission of the pupil before making a recording.  Once the recording is made, it is synced and stored securely so that only senior management has access to the archive.

All of this is explained in our terms and conditions.  If you have any queries about this or any other matter, please get in touch.

Of course, we respect the privacy of our pupils and their families.  If you would prefer to opt out of this arrangement, please complete the form below.

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