Recording Project

Our aim was to encourage exploration and learning about the Battle of the Somme, using children's creativity to increase engagement.  We also wanted to give a voice to specific people from the King's Own Royal Regiment, making their story more compelling.

For the first day of the project, children visited the fantastic exhibition at Lancaster City Museum, and gathered details about one person's life.  They imagined themselves to be that person, and told their story through the lyrics you hear in the song.  They worked with a Learn To Play Live practitioner to compose harmonies that reflected the emotions of their story. 

For the second day, children imagined the sounds that would surround them in the trenches.  Using existing percussion and building their own instruments, they performed and recorded layered soundscapes.

What you hear is a combination of the compositions and performances recorded as part of the project, with a small amount of embellishment to fuse them into a coherent whole.  All of the writing took place surrounded by objects, artefacts and recreations of life in the trenches.

We'd like to send a massive thank you to everybody who took part.  Thanks to Lancaster City Museum for hosting a wonderful exhibition, and a special thanks to Peter: he not only curated all of the exhibits but also spent both days in full regalia helping our musicians learn more about life in the trenches.  Please make sure you watch the video through to the end, as it gets very emotional!  Or if you'd rather not watch the footage, just click on the link below to listen to the final product.  We hope you enjoy the music!

James LTPL