We promise to:

Keep your data as safe as possible, and not pass it on to others

Provide the agreed number of lessons each half-term (if we can’t we’ll refund the cost)

Give you advanced notice of fee amounts and cancellation deadlines

Let you know in writing if the terms of service change

Follow safeguarding guidelines and provide a secure and welcoming atmosphere for your child


You agree to:

Let us contact you via email, phone or text

Pay in advance by direct debit for music tuition for your child

Let us know in writing if you wish to cancel this tuition – failure to do so at least three weeks before the next payment due date will result in your account being charged

Allow us to record your child performing, either during lessons for assessment purposes, or at live events

Allow us to publish recordings online or by other methods, but only after seeking express permission to do so

Where possible, let us know if your child will miss their lesson

(unfortunately we cannot offer a refund for child absence)



By submitting a card payment through our website you commit to joining our service

This payment covers your first half-term of tuition and is non-refundable

You then have 14 days to complete the direct debit mandate

If you do not wish to continue after your first half-term, you must inform us in writing during this 14 day period, otherwise you may be liable for fees for the following half-term

Your account will then be debited in advance on the first day of each half-term

You will receive an email to confirm your payment amount and date at least one week before it is taken

Lessons will automatically continue until we are informed in writing of your intention to cancel

Please make sure you let us know in plenty of time before your payment is due – three weeks is the minimum amount of time we require in order to cancel your direct debit

Failure to adhere to our terms may result in your child being removed from our timetable

LTPL reserve the right to change or remove service at any time



This is a short summary.  Please ensure that you have read our full terms and conditions document before signing up to our service.