Year Six

In their final year of primary school, amazing opportunities open up for our year six pupils.  There are even more options for individual music sessions that are tailored to the needs of each child, pushing their boundaries and striving for excellence.  

Group lessons are not on one specific instrument, but cover the essential skills every musician needs to be successful and proud of their performances.  We recommend that each pupil chooses one instrument to study on their own as well as taking part in our group lessons, giving music a sense of fun but allowing them to make real progress.

Year Six have their own unique group sessions.  The group is called Earth, and focuses on multimedia compositions.  In other words, pupils explore the links between film and music.  Earth create their own movies and compose music to accompany it.  Pupils use cutting edge software to link sound and image, and improvise responses to cinematic scenes.

Group sessions last twenty minutes in groups of up to four children, costing just £6.50 per child per week

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We also offer a wide array of one-on-one lessons: on piano/keyboard, ukulele, guitar, bass, drums, violin, trumpet, flute, clarinet, saxophone or vocals.  These are also twenty minutes long and cost £9.50 per week.

Pupils work through our modular system, quickly progressing through the basics to play real music confidently and competently.  When your tutor thinks you're ready, you can take graded exams on your chosen instrument.

If you would like to sign up click Apply Now, then find your school.  Select your year group and lesson type (your instrument of choice or Ohm Expressive Arts Group), and add it to your basket.  After completing the purchase you'll receive a direct debit form by email to complete within fourteen days.  After that, it couldn't be easier - just enjoy your lessons with Learn To Play Live.